My Daughter’s Mission Trip to Haiti

Beth Anne Mathis has recently returned from her missions trip and wanted to share her experience with you. Here’s is a letter she wrote to her home church about her time in Haiti and what it meant to her.

My Trip Back to Haiti:     
       I’m so thankful that you as my church family gave me an opportunity to go back and see Haitian friends that I had made in the month I spent there last summer.  That was such a challenging time for me and I was so blessed to get to know and love some of the Haitians I worked with everyday.  It brought so much joy to my heart to get to go back and be instantly greeted with hugs from the security guys that picked us up from the airport, and hugs and shouts of joy as I saw my wonderful kitchen ladies that I spent time with last summer.  Most of these people don’t speak any English, so to make that kind of connection without much language is more of a blessing then you will ever know unless you have experienced it yourself.
        On March 16th-22nd six college students traveled together down to Haiti for our spring break.  During the time we were there we assisted in several medical clinics where over 1,000 Haitians were treated for various medical conditions as well as dental needs, and were given the opportunity to sit down with a pastor or missionary and have some much needed spiritual counseling for both Christians, and non-Christians.  We also went to an orphanage one evening, went on a soccer evangelism trip one day, and spent time each night on the roof watching the sunset in worship.     After we got back I received a Facebook message from Steven that I believe truly captures what our purpose is on a mission trip, which is to love the lost (those who don’t have a relationship with Jesus), and to share the Gospel with them.  Here is what he said:
Hey Beth Anne! I just wanted to take the time to thank you for such a wonderful week. I know that without your leadership and planning, I would not have had the privilege to experience Haiti. Thank you for your obedience to God and flexibility through the week. It was definitely encouraging to see you lead the team as we were serving. I had an amazing experience to say the least. God worked mightily in me. I know I was pretty ditzy the whole trip with our plans but I did have great expectations for this week and God completely exceeded every single one. My love for the lost has grown substantially over the week and I have learned practical ways to love on the lost. I hope that you know you made an amazing SPRING BREAK 2013 for at least one person. I hope that we do take heed of Paul’s advice to the Hebrews in Hebrews 10:24-25, not neglecting to meet together as a team and to sustain the bonds God has forged over the week. I hope that God blesses your socks off for the work you have done this week and you get the much deserved rest for your kingdom work. Again… Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! SPRING BREAK 2013 PCB!!
Work that affects the kingdom is time well spent.  We got to see the Lord bring seventeen people to him just while we were there through spiritual counseling at clinics!  I would not have spent my spring break any other way with any other people, and I know that they all share that same sentiment.  We became a family during this trip as we went through life together and growing those bonds is something that will help keep alive in our hearts what God taught us on this trip for a long time.

Beth Anne Mathis

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