When God Is Silent – An Update

I am continually amazed at how God works in this world and in our individual lives in order to carry out His will. Just when I think that God is through surprising me, He comes up with something even more amazing. I genuinely believe that God can affect our lives in a supernatural way in order to accomplish his purposes. Sadly, there are many Christians today who really don’t believe that God continues to play an active role in this fallen world.  In their mind, they can’t logically figure out just how this is possible. The Bible teaches us however, that there are some things that can only come through faith.

About two years ago I wrote a post entitled, “When God Is Silent”. People throughout the world put this search term into Google and they find their way to my website. I continue to receive more emails from this one post than all of the others combined. I find it encouraging that people are searching for God in the midst of silence – they are longing to hear from a loving and merciful God. The following account is about one person struggling with silence from God who suddenly “hears” from God and is restored in his relationship with him.

This brother in Christ wrote me about a year ago and told me about his frustration concerning his inability to hear from God. It was an honest and familiar story that in many ways paralleled my own personal struggles with silence from God.  I wrote him a reply but didn’t hear back from him. I promised him that he would be in my prayers as he struggled with this silence from God. He wrote me just a few days ago about my reply to him. It seems that he didn’t see my reply until much later because it went to an email account that was not his primary account.

In the year that passed he started to sense God’s presence and he said that God had begun communicating with him once again. He said that at first he believed that it could just be his own thoughts and he said that he didn’t realize it was “God’s still small voice telling me what He was going to do until tonight.” He said that he received a random prompt to check out his old email account which was full of spam email from the last eight years. He wrote, “Although I doubted it was from God, I still went through my email, page by page and suddenly realized that there was a message labeled “When God is Silent Article” from one Darryl Mathis whom I didn’t recognise at all. I clicked on the email, and read your reply and then /knew/ it was God speaking to me to address this problem.”

He went on to thank me for writing the article and also for praying and responding to him. He wrote that he felt led to tell me two things. The first was to run with whatever challenge that God places in my path and the second was more of a personal family nature. And he then told me to disregard the second message if it was not applicable.

My interest was stirred because through my prayer and quiet time with God, I had been given the “impression” that I was going through some difficult and disappointing times in ministry to prepare me for a greater challenge. The second message didn’t have any meaning for me at the time so I basically let that one go. The next day I received a call from a family member about some health issues that the doctor had just discussed with the family member. As our conversation ended my mind thought back to that email message which told me to not worry about this exact, specific family member. It reminded me that God wanted me to know that everything was going to be all right. I was absolutely stunned! At that moment I knew – without a doubt – that God was involved in our communications.

 There are those who will dismiss this as a coincidence or just a very educated guess. They will fail to believe and have faith that God is powerful enough or cares enough to get involved in the meticulous details of our lives. And my response to that would be this obscure verse from the Old Testament: 2 Chronicles 16:9: For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. Amen!


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