A Dear Friend

This week a dear friend, Rev. Augustine Weah, arrived in Athens to visit our church. Rev. Weah is from our sister church, Commission Baptist Church, just outside of Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa. Six years ago I was privileged to visit his church along with my pastor, Edward Bolen. It was my first visit to Africa and it was an experience that I will never forget. I long for the day when I can return to Commission Baptist Church and once again be a part of their joyful worship services.

I have been reading from the journal that I kept while in Liberia and I have been reminded of some wonderful moments from my time spent there.  I am so thankful that I kept a journal or I would have not been able to remember many details about my visit there. For example, there were two signs hanging in the church that read: “Little is much if God is in it” and “Just one step and God will do the rest.” The order of worship from our last Sunday service there had 26 items on the worship schedule. The service began at 11am and ended at 2pm.

I fondly remember that Sunday church service which began in a long line from outside of the church. Standing outside of the church, getting lined up to go inside, it was very hot. The choir was first in line, followed by the Deacons, and then the pastors.

These were some of the meals that were served to us while in Liberia: Cabbage soup over rice with red peppers, Fish, beef and red peppers over rice with Palm Butter, Joffa Rice and plantains, Barracuda with rice and mixed vegetables, fried fish with rice and plantains.

I was also reminded of the many children that we came into contact with at the church and in the community. After a Thursday night service I wrote, “There were lots of children at the service tonight. They all gathered around me and wanted to get close to me and touch me. Edward said that I had quite a fan club.” While walking in a 1 1/2 mile “parade”, we encountered many children who were on the roadside. They would come up to us and want to talk to us or shake our hands. I missed my children back home very much so it was great that we were able to be around so many wonderful Liberian children during our time there.

Rev. Weah talked to a group gathered for Wednesday night services at our church last night. He talked about how joyful he was, to be able to visit our church and meet his brothers and sisters in Christ from Milledge Avenue. Many of our church members, who have only heard stories about this pastor and his church, will now have the opportunity to meet him and learn from him.

Only God could make it possible for our two churches to get together. God moved the hearts of his faithful servants both in Athens, Georgia and in Liberia, West Africa, and God’s people responded. With God, all things are possible, if we will only believe and have faith. It brings to mind the words from one of the signs that was hanging inside Commission Baptist Church that read, “Little is much if God is in it.” Amen.







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One thought on “A Dear Friend”

  1. Darryl, I so enjoyed reading your post about Rev. Weah. I met him today, along with the other members of the decorations committee as we prepared the fellowship hall for the Thanksgiving Lunch on Sunday. This is such a great time for him to be visiting MABC with all the many things going on. Look forward to his being with our Women’s Bible Study group on the 27th for our culminating meeting and brunch. Again, thanks for sharing your experiences in Liberia.

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