To the Ends of the Earth

Mission to Haiti

Acts 1:1-11: In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach until the day he was taken up to heaven, after giving instructions through the Holy Spirit to the apostles he had chosen. After his suffering, he presented himself to them and gave many convincing proofs that he was alive. He appeared to them over a period of forty days and spoke about the kingdom of God.  On one occasion, while he was eating with them, he gave them this command: “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about.  For John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

Then they gathered around him and asked him, “Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.  But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

 After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight. They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them. “Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”

Can you imagine bearing witness to what the disciples saw, as they watched Jesus being lifted up before their very eyes and hidden from their sight by a cloud? I am certain that I would have been staring into the sky like the disciples, taking in the awesome sight that was Christ ascending into heaven. But suddenly, two angels call their attention to matters here on earth. They tell the disciples that there is work to be done and they better get to it. This was no time to be staring off into space.

Jesus had just promised the disciples that the Holy Spirit would descend upon them in a few days. The Holy Spirit would give them the ability to carry the Gospel message to the ends of the earth. We have the same promise today from Christ. The Holy Spirit, who lives and dwells within us, calls us to carry out mission work for the spreading of the Gospel message.

This past Wednesday, my oldest daughter Beth Anne, arrived in Haiti on a one month mission trip. This is her third trip to Haiti and she was both excited and nervous as she left the airport on Wednesday morning. God, through the Holy Spirit, has really given her a heart for mission work. And much to my delight, she is following God’s call upon her life as she seeks to serve those less fortunate that us. And she is excited as usual to be sharing the Gospel message with those that have not had an opportunity to hear it.

Beth Anne has always been the advocate and friend of those less fortunate and this began in her early years of school. She would always make friends with those children that otherwise would not have had a friend. She cared deeply and was concerned for those children that would go unnoticed by almost everyone. I have always admired this aspect of who she is as a person. She always tried to treat everyone fairly and with love and concern for who they were as a person.

I was talking with a lady who has been a missionary in Guatemala for over forty years. She has also talked with Beth Anne and she has been very supportive of Beth Anne’s desire to do mission work outside of the United States. This missionary told me that she was proud of what Beth Anne was doing and that once you started doing this type of work it was very difficult to stop doing it. “The more you serve”, she said, “the Holy Spirit seems to call you to do even more.”

Beth Anne arrived safely in Haiti on Wednesday afternoon. We received a text message when her plane landed in Port Au Prince and another one when she arrived at the compound where she will be living for one month. Since then we have not heard from her. Since using her cell phone would be very expensive, she will be buying a cell phone there along with prepaid minutes and hopefully will call us sometime this weekend. In the meantime, we are praying that God will keep her safe and also busy doing the work of the kingdom while in Haiti. Beth Anne is allowing God to use her and to grow her while serving the Haitian people in her own loving and compassionate way.

So I would ask you to keep my daughter in your prayers during the month of June. Pray for her safety and for her to be open to doing God’s will while she is on the ground, serving God’s children, in Haiti. Pray for strength and endurance as she continues to follow her Lord in faith and in obedience to His will for her life.




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