Giants and Grasshoppers

Based on Numbers Chapter 13

Caleb and Joshua were two men who had a deep and abiding faith in God. Their story takes place as the people of Israel, God’s chosen people, are on the threshold of entering the Promised Land. Moses sends out twelve spies to search the Promised Land and to report back to the people on what they encountered. Caleb and Joshua were two of the twelve men sent to spy out the land. These men were to report back on what the land was like. Was the soil fertile; were there trees on the land? The men were also to report on what types of people were living in the land. Were they strong or weak, few or many?

The twelve returned from their mission and gave a report to the people on their journey to the land of Canaan. Ten of the men could not stop talking about the men of great size that were living in the land. The men talked about how strong the people living in the Promised Land were and how it would be impossible to conquer them. Remember that God had told them that the land was already theirs; they just needed to trust in God and to be obedient. The men that were afraid said, “We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them.” (Numbers 13:33b).

Ten of the spies in this story only saw giants and they saw themselves as grasshoppers. This story is very telling of our own human nature in that many times we allow fear and doubt to control our lives instead of trusting in God. We are brave one moment and fearful the next. We say that we trust in God and are willing to obey Him but then we grow fearful and we begin to doubt.

After reading their story in the book of Numbers, we soon realize that these two men were different than most of their fellow citizens. Caleb and Joshua were focused on God and they were obedient to God. They were not afraid to speak up for God even though what they were saying went against popular opinion. Caleb and Joshua were different because they didn’t see giants or grasshoppers, they saw God.

I believe that God places people like Caleb and Joshua in our lives today to remind us to trust in God and to have a strong faith. God will not leave us alone and He will place people like these in our lives to give us hope, encouragement and direction. However, we must pay attention and be obedient to our creator. If we do, we will find strength and courage and we will certainly find peace in Jesus Christ.

Remember that Christ promised to never leave you or forsake you, He is with you in all of your joys in life and through all of your struggles.

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